Valentine’s Day 2019

Pink Jumpsuit [also comes in white, red, black] | Nude Heels | Necklace [similar]

Nolan's Outfit: Dress ShirtDress Pants | Belt | Shoes | Watch

Just a quick post recapping Valentine's Day 2019! I love LOVE and giving to my people, but definitely don't think you need a designated day to do so! Not hatin' on Feb 14th, but just giving a little reminder that it's always the perfect day to show those you love that you care. I will admit, going out to eat with all tables for two on V-day feels a little cliché... I think next year we'll opt. for take out on the couch, lols! Also, side note, but I loved scrolling through social media!!! So much love and happiness on almost every post I saw, whether with friends, self, dogs, food, or lovers! Let's make every day like that!

N - Thanks for being my go-to. ilyyyy thanks for smothering me times two.

Endlessly happy v day.


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