Super Bowl 2019 Commercials: Top Five and Why

Whether you were for the Patriots and Tom Brady, the up-and-coming LA Rams, or just there for the food – there’s always one thing any fan watching the Super Bowl can agree on… the commercials. Below are my top five, and why .


Bumble and Olay Super Bowl 2019 commercial ads aim to change the narrative by targeting women specifically. Typically over-saturated with the classic stereotype of sports: manliness, this years’ Super Bowl commercial ads had a [slight] uptake in brands taking a step in the right direction for female fans.

• Kicking off the Super Bowl commercials was Bumble’s ad with Serena Williams. Focusing on women making the first move, showing the tennis star taking charge in dating, work, and sports. “Women, the ball is in your court.”

• Speaking directly to women who are watching the big game with a product made for them.


• “100 years” Super Bowl ad with past, present, and future of the game.


• “When everybody plays, we all win.” An inspirational story of young gamers, speaking volumes for the way in which technology empowers us.


• “KIDS RULE” – Aiming to help patients “get back up.”


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    February 4, 2019 / 6:21 am

    Great job!

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