Three Things You Can Do to Relax in the Evening

Today I’m sharing three things you can do in the evening after a long day, or just to show yourself a little TLC! I do these regularly because they not only help me de-stress, but make me feel like I have my life together a little bit more after I do them, LOL. #adulting Let me know what you do to relax in the evenings!




This might sound so simple or even silly, but trust me. It’s not very often I don’t have a candle lit somewhere in my apartment. Ask anyone that knows me. Finding a scent you love will make you look forward to just lighting it and relaxing as you wind down before bed. After just a few nights of doing this I promise you’ll see exactly what I mean. The candle pictured above is one of my all time favorites! I grab it at dear hannah,, a local boutique here in Dallas! The scent is so important and not something I recommend lightly, so I promise you can take my word on this one!


IMG_6425 IMG_6104 IMG_6321

Location: Texican Court, a Valencia Hotel

Getting a little personal here… but I think it’s such an important part in feeling your best! Making time for self-care/personal care is sooo crucial in maintaining positive physical and mental health. After a long day, I know how sometimes the last thing you want to do is spend those extra five to ten minutes in the bathroom. Specifically, shaving. But GIRL, YOU’RE SO WORTH IT. This is actually something so fun for me to share with y’all because I’ve been using the Billie razor since last summer! I purchased my Starter Kit after hearing so many good things about it! & it’s only $9 so I thought, why not give it a try!? Sooo when Billie reached out asking if I wanted to collaborate and share my results, it was a no brainer since I’ve had a subscription for about seven months now and have noticed such a difference since switching to Billie! On the real, I’m the person that has to ishave every.single.night. Underarms, legs, it was just part of my evening routine. Well, at least it was. Over the years I’ve tried so many different razors and none gave me results like this. Now, thanks Billie, I can go longer between shaves & my skin has never felt smoother!


Billie is a female-first brand that was created for women and built for a better shave. They created a sharper, 5-blade razor that’s encased with charcoal shave soap + three body products, all free of toxins and additives and all ridiculously affordable (no pink tax!). This design yields for an insanely close shave and allows you to shave less. On top of that, Billie donates 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world. Currently, they are donating to Every Mother Counts, an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere. They believe that together, we can build a brighter future for all women.



Billie’s game changing “ shave plan” is by far the easiest way to never run out of fresh, sharp blades because they are delivered straight to your door. I can’t be the only one who forgets to regularly change their razor blade/cartridges!? First, you’ll order your Billie Starter Kit which includes a razor handle, magic razor holder {aka a home for your razor in the shower//pictured below}, and two razor cartridges for only $9. Yes, you read that correctly… $9! When ordering your Starter Kit, you’ll have six color options to choose between: Coral / DreamPop / Glow / Blush / Periwinkle / Cool Blue. I have the blush! Then, Billie will send you four replacement cartridges however often you need them for, again, only $9. You seriously can’t beat the price! Especially for the amazing quality! Depending on how frequently you shave, you’ll receive your fresh cartridges every month, every other month, or every three months. For reference, I get new blades every month because Billie recommends replacing your blade approximately every seven shaves. Shipping is always free and you can add on other products to your recurring orders or just for one time only. Meaning, if you wanted to try The Shaving Cream but didn’t want to commit to receiving it with every shipment, you can! You can purchase your Billie Starter Kit here for only $9!


Billie’s products are made with only premium, healthy ingredients and are free of toxins, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and bad additives! Billie offers three body care products: The Shave Cream, Sudsy Body Wash, & Dry-Bye Body Lotion All three of Billie’s body care products are non-irritating and safe for all skin types. My personal favorite is The Shave Cream, but the Dry-Bye Body Lotion is a close second! All three have such a clean + fresh smell and are designed to leave your skin smooth, hydrated, and healthy.

+ Billie Starter Kit

+ The Shave Cream

+ Sudsy Body Wash

+ Dry-Bye Body Lotion


Like I previously mentioned, I was already a Billie customer before they reached out to me to review the product, so it’s safe to say I’m a fan! The Billie razor is uniquely designed to give you a close shave without being harsh on your skin. Due to this optimal design of the Billie razor cartridges, I now shave less frequently than before and my shave time has been significantly reduced. PLUS my skin is so soft and smooth. It seriously gives you the best shave! Oh, and I can’t leave out the super convenient magic holder included in your {Billie Starter Kit} and shave cream! I’ve had the best experience with my Billie razor and I’m hopeful that y’all will too!

IMG_6526 Billie IMG_6511



IMG_6165 IMG_6234

Finding skincare products that not only yield results, but that you actually enjoy using and don’t make you look at is as a chore every night. Before I started using Tula almost two years ago I definitely did the bare minimum in terms of my skin regimen. I wasn’t seeing crazy results from the products I was trying, and it just seemed like a lot of work for something I didn’t feel was totally benefiting me. Until I found Tula. Y’all. Now, I lowkey freak if I don’t do my skincare routine before bed. Tula makes it so easy to find a regimen that works specifically for you and your skin that’s not too overwhelming, especially when just starting out. Breaking down my typical evening skincare routine below. Note: I’m constantly switching it up and adding new products in to try, but this is my holy grail/go-to routine. Let me know in the comments if you want me to go into more detail about this topic! Use code PEYTONMABRY for 15% off Tula!

1. Cleanser

 *I remove my makeup {if I had it on that day} with makeup remover before using my face wash. This is because I don’t want to waste my cleanser on my makeup- meaning, if I use it on my skin directly then my skin gets all the benefits {how it should be!}, but if I use it to remove my makeup I’m wasting all the good stuff. Hopefully that makes sense?!

2. Toner

{use with cotton pads– I always get organic. I’ve been thinking about trying reusable pads since they are more eco-friendly…lmk if you have tried/your thoughts.}

3. Serum

{If I’m really feelin’ it, I’ll use my rose quartz roller to really lock in my serum. It has a cooling/soothing effect on the skin, plus helps with puffiness and prevention of fine lines/wrinkles.}

4. Cream

{I use this at night only! It’s like a glass of water for your skin. Two pumps and you’re good to go. A must have for me!}

5. Moisturizer

{Make sure you take it down to your neck!}

6. Lips

{overnight lip mask + lip scrub– I use one or two times per week}

~I exfoliate a few times per week face scrub! I love this one specifically because it’s gentle + gets the job done!

~Sometimes, if I’m not too tired {LOL}, I’ll use eye cream after completing the steps above.





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