21 Quotes to Kickstart the New Year

Quotes have the power to focus us towards a specific goal or plan of action. They let you see life from a wider perspective and help open your eyes to things you otherwise could’ve missed. They can expand your mind in new directions and offer inspiration when normal motivation has lapsed. I like to reflect & take things slow this time of year instead of putting pressure on myself to rush into resolutions. As I take time to process I also like to browse through my quotes archive and do the same. I’ve always been one to seek out well-expressed wisdom and have a camera roll of screenshots to prove it. I started sharing a few of my saves every Monday on my IG Story last April and it’s still going strong. Hearing from so many of you about how much you look forward to them every week makes me :). For the first Monday of 2021, I pulled together 21 quotes that I hope help you kickstart the New Year~ Enjoy xx

“A mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to it’s old dimensions.”

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.”

“Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.”

“When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random.”

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.”

“Make deep connections, not deep attachments.”

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

“May you always be the one who notices the little things that make the light pour through, and may they always remind you that there is more to life and there is more to you.”

“Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing; it’s about doing, being, and becoming.”

“If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”

“Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be.”

p.s. I created a Pinterest board (see it here) with all the quotes I’ve previously shared & update it weekly so it’s easy for you to save/download any that you like.